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"Alexandra was a wonderful doula for me and my daughter. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and kind.  These traits, in addition to her calm demeanor, helped me to stay relaxed and happy throughout my pregnancy and into the early days of mothering an infant child.  Whether my questions were simple or complex...Alexandra always knew the answers and helped me understand what to expect.  It was a pleasure working with her!"
Nancy 2012

"I had an immediate connection with Alexandra, and since I did not want to have an epidural or use any medication during the birth, her calming and warm personality were exactly what I needed. Her knowledge and support helped me to have a very stress-free experience and I knew that she was there for me no matter what, before, during, and after. I had an absolutely amazing birth experience. And for my husband, having her there during the birth allowed him to really enjoy the experience and be there for me, instead of stressing about not knowing what was going on or what was coming next. She is absolutely wonderful and I whole heartedly recommend her!"
Stacy & Tony 2015

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